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The joys of cooking with cast iron

05 August 2013 | Home and Kitchen

There's a reason why cast iron casserole pots and pans are more expensive than your regular stainless steel or aluminium version....
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The Great Outdoors

01 August 2013 | Garden and Outdoors

The weather's not THAT bad - time to get off the sofa and into the fresh air!
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Gorgeous Gift Boxes

24 July 2013 | Gift Boxes and Gourmet

Everyone loves a LUCKY DIP!  That's what makes our Gift Boxes the perfect gift...

beauty gift box
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Funk it up in the Kitchen

15 July 2013 | Home and Kitchen

Does your kitchen need cheering up?
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Say goodbye to Kids' TV!

09 July 2013 | GIfts for Kids and Baby

We all know that TV is a great babysitter, especially during these long chilly winter evenings!  Looking for something else to keep them amused other than the 'Goggle Box'?...
get crafty
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Sending gifts home to South Africa

02 July 2013 | Buy Gifts online South Africa

Are you an expat and have friends and family back home in SA you need to send gifts to?

gift hamper south africa
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Fine Dining M'Lord?

19 June 2013 | Home and Kitchen

Fed up of your run-of-the-mill cheap porcelain dinner set you bought when you were in your 20's that looks like everyone else's, and fancy something a bit more grown up and special?
noritake set
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Scatterlings of Africa

19 June 2013 | Decorative

FABULOUS new range of scatter cushions, and many at 25% off - now available...
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Winter warmth in the Kitchen

04 June 2013 | Home and Kitchen

Our recommendations for keeping warm this winter...which doesn't include wall heaters!
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What's in a Brand?

30 May 2013 | Brands at Not the Mall.co.za

What's in a brand name?  Well, quite a lot actually, when you are shopping online....
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